{{Marvel Database:Gallery Template
| GalleryType             = [Cover Art; Character; Location; Artist; Fan Artist; Fan Art; Item; Vehicle; Reality, etc.]
| GalleryData             = <!-- <gallery> -->
<!-- Image:[Insert image title here.].[Insert image file type here.]|[Insert image text here.] -->
<!-- </gallery> -->
<!-- Until actual images is put in here, don't remove the <!-- --> tags. -->
| SeeAlso                 = 
* [Non-automatic subjects, related galleries, etc.]

Optional Fields

| CurrentLetter           = [First letter of "GalleryName".]
| GalleryName             = [Subject's name. Don't use double square brackets [[]].]


  • There is one problem with this template that might be impossible or extremely difficult to solve. That is that the template recognises if the "GalleryData" field is filled with something, but it does not recognise what. That means that galleries without images, but with <gallery> or <center> tags, it will think that the gallery has content. That requires that every new empty gallery page must have their gallery tags within <!-- comment tags --> or they will be placed in the wrong categories.

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