Devil Kids Starring Hot Stuff Vol 1 1 is the first issue of Volume 1 of Harvey Comics' Devil Kids Starring Hot Stuff series. The issue date is July 1962 and the cover price is twelve cents.


Devil Kids

Starring: Hot Stuff
Summary: Hot Stuff investigates a weather bureau.

Sad Tail

Starring: Hot Stuff
Summary: When an old witch steals Hot Stuff's tail, he visits a tailor shop to get a replacement.

Stumbo the Giant

Starring: Stumbo, Officer O'Floodle
Summary: When Stumbo naps, his heavy breathing causes trouble for Tinytown. O'Floodle's solution may not be much better.

The Strangest Creature

Starring: Hot Stuff
Summary: Mother Nature's assistants take Hot Stuff to their growth lab to study him, until he gives them a hot time.

Casper the Friendly Ghost and Company

Starring: Casper the Friendly Ghost
Guest Starring: Herman and Katnip, Baby Huey, Little Audrey, Spooky the Tuff Little Ghost
Summary: Casper and friends encourage readers to watch their tv show.

Stumbo the Giant

Starring: Stumbo
Summary: Stumbo tells Tinytowners they can find his comics at local dealers.

Baby Huey the Little Giant

Starring: Baby Huey
Guest Starring: Mama Duck, Papa Duck
Summary: Huey hatches from his egg to hawk comic books.

Mutt and Jeff

Starring: Mutt and Jeff
Summary: Mutt and Jeff encourage readers to buy their comics.

Hot Stuff Meets Zooky

Starring: Hot Stuff
Summary: Hot Stuff gets stuck babysitting a magical princess.

The Great Lesson

(Story feature)
Summary: In dance class, a snobby girl learns more than dancing.

Richie Rich

Starring: Richie Rich
Guest Starring: Freckles
Summary: Despite Richie's laments, Freckles says readers should buy more comics.

Monkey Mischief

(Story feature)
Summary: Monkeys brag about their bullying exploits while their victims get revenge.

Wendy, the Good Little Witch

Starring: Wendy the Good Little Witch
Summary: Wendy sings a song to hawk her comics.

The World's Greatest Show

Starring: Stumbo
Summary: A huckster cons Stumbo into helping him sell his phony medicine, with unexpected results.

Magic Tubble Bath

Starring: Casper the Friendly Ghost
Summary: Casper demonstrates a bubble bath product.

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