Animated Antics was an animated cartoon series produced by the Fleischer Studios from 1939 through 1941, and distributed through Paramount Pictures.

Each episode ran less than 7 minutes, and at least one reported (Copy Cat) in Technicolor. The studio produced twelve episodes:

  • Yip Yip Yippy, 1939
  • The Dandy Lion, 1940
  • Sneak, Snoop and Snitch, 1940
  • Mommy Loves Puppy, 1940
  • Bring Himself Back Alive, 1940
  • Zero the Hound, 1941
  • Twinkletoes Gets The Bird, 1941
  • Sneak, Snoop And Snitch In Triple Trouble, 1941
  • Twinkletoes - Where He Goes, Nobody Knows, 1941
  • Copy Cat, 1941
  • The Wizard of Arts, 1941
  • Twinkletoes In Hat Stuff, 1941


  • The Fleischer story, Leslie Cabarga, page 174

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